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More Information on Garment Care

Before wearing any sweatshirt garment, it should be turned inside out and washed to prevent
transferring fibres.

Our sweatshirt fabric is constructed by using pre dyed yarn that is knitted on a 20 diameter circular
knitting machine which gives it a tight surface and improves performance. The fabric is then sent for dry
brushing to give that soft, comfortable feel on the inside of the garment. Finally, the fabric is finished at a
natural width which is approximately 38” tubular for manufacturing so the shrink tolerance is 5% (which
is the commercial tolerance of any knitted fabric.)

Bobbling/Pilling on Garments
Bobbling/piling is not considered a manufacturing fault.
Every knitted fabric can pill. It is caused by rubbing, from other fabrics or products (such as zips or
buttons, backpacks and over garments) or not adhering to the washing instructions.
It is especially important on the first few washes to wash any garment inside out and at a low
temperature to remove any transferring fibres. Also, avoid the use of fabric conditioner, harsh cleaners
and bleaches as these can weaken fibres and induce pilling. It is preferable to line dry where possible.
Washing instructions can be found on the individual garment label too.

The face of any garment should never be ironed as it causes a sheen and the destruction of a garment.
Logos Unlimited Schoolwear recommends cool iron, firstly turn the garment inside out and then iron on a low heat.
Shrinkage on Knitwear and Sweatshirt products
Knitwear and sweatshirt garments because they are knitted can shrink and the commercial tolerance is
When a garment is washed at a too high temperature or excessive heat is applied by either tumble drying
or ironing it causes the garment fibres to melt which can either cause shrinkage or loses its elasticity.
By washing the garment on the recommended 40 degrees and line drying, it will preserve the shape and

durability of the garment.
It is important to follow correct washing instructions as this will prolong the life of the garment.
We look at any complaints or returns on an individual basis and take what we consider
to be the appropriate action