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Pupil premium

We understand the need to improve how pupil premium works if schools choose to spend some of it on uniform as it differs from school to school some buy in bulk some provided us with lists of eligible children and siblings.

But we encounter the same issue with both of these approaches year after year like their child is not on the list or they had appealed and won a decision on what school they wanted their child to go to, this becomes quite stressful for the parents as this is normally in August and the school office is closed or the people that make this decision are on holiday.

For the schools the work involved in printing out school order forms with what is included for pupil premium getting the parent to fill it out, ordering the garments, sorting it out into each child’s order, contacting parents to confirm its ready to collect handing it out, storing stock and in some case reordering as parents ordering the sizing wrong.

Also in most case of pupil premium they are only entitled to one of each garment or the bare minimum garments, so still need to order more or are not entitled to pupil premium for siblings.

But most of all these parents are excluded from ordering online or having it delivered as they have no way in doing this.

We have also found that parents feel very embarrassed at having to hand over letters from school or being on the list for the poor as one mother put it.

We want the schools to work with us, we are making the whole process easier so saving time for the school office and helping parents to get their uniform as easy as everyone else can.

Logos Unlimited Schoolwear want to change this by saving money and time for schools but also helping parents buy online, use click & collect and have access to delivery,

We will be offering all schools for free a voucher system that has the following benefits:

  • Voucher redeemed in store or online or can be used to discount a order.
  • Voucher can only be redeemed once 100% guaranteed.
  • Voucher code will be emailed to school for the exact amount and then passed on to parent.
  • A report will be produced for all sales.

The benefits to schools

  • No pre ordering.
  • No holding stock.
  • Flexibility to give out emergency voucher in minutes.
  • Very little work for the office.
  • Schools can pre order voucher and only be invoiced when redeemed.
  • Invoice direct to school.

The benefits to Parents

  • Can order online.
  • Can use click & collect.
  • Can have order delivered.
  • No need to visit store.
  • Can use voucher as part of a bigger order.
  • No need to produce letter just hand over voucher.
  • Voucher code can be text to parent.

We believe this is a more inclusive system for parents that are entitled to pupil premium and massively cuts down the workload of the school office . We are open to helping any school, implement this so please contact us below.